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diving training courses


diving training courses


diving training courses



Diving Training Courses offered In Durban South Africa at PDC

Courses are internationally recognised by IMCA and accepted by the U.K H.S.E and others.

A big misunderstanding about diver training certificates is that they are issued by IMCA. For the record IMCA does not issue diver training certificates. IMCA recognises certain diver training certificates from all over the world and PDC issues a certification which is recognised by IMCA and the U.K H.S.E and others. Dive schools which state they issue an IMCA training certificate are providing misleading information.

PROFESSIONAL DIVING CENTRE is the only diving school in South Africa, which can offer other international certifications.

Diving Training Courses Courses and Common Equivalent Certification Names

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  1. Class IV 30 metre Scuba (Unrestricted Scuba Diver)
  2. Class III Surface Supply Inshroe Diver (Restricted surface Supplied Diver)
  3. Class II 50 metre Surface Supply & Wet bell Offshore Diver (Unrestricted Surface Supplied Diver)
  4. Surface Supplied Mixed Gas Diver 75 Metres
  5. Class I Mixed Gas Saturation Diver
  6. IMCA Assitant Life Support Technician
  7. IMCA Trainee Diving Supervisor for air / bell saturation diving
  8. DOL Diving Supervisor for Classes IV, III, II, and I
  9. Diving First Aid and oxygen administration
  10. IMCA Diver Medic (DMT) and refresher DMT

Contact Us for Present Costs of Diving Training Courses

When booking a class II course which includes Class IV, III, II this is called a combo course and the price is cheaper than booking all three courses independantly.

For any other combination courses please contact us directly on pdcgrant@mweb.co.za

There are also modules and qualifications in Nitrox Diver and Supervisor.

The starting point or entry level for commercial diver training is the Class IV 30 metres Scuba. A student must complete.

For more information on each qualification, click on the appropriate page.

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